Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Santa Fe Restaurant Roulette

by Wolf Schneider

Latte at New York Dell
Wintertime lunch is when the locals circulate—at least we do when the temperatures aren’t sub-zero like we’ve been having! Everyone has been talking about the Caribbean-African themed Jambo Café (www.jambocafe.net), which won the Souper Bowl XVII competition recently for the second year in a row, so I finally popped in, opting for a sweet potato-taro root soup and spicy grilled salmon salad. Good and very different. The unprepossessing Mangiamo Pronto (http://www.mangiamopronto.com) at 228 Old Santa Fe Trail has more traditional continental fare, including a great little antipasto salad and white bean hummus plate. I’ve run into realtor friends at New York Deli, which took over Bagelmania and added lattes. Vinaigrette (https://vinaigretteonline.com) has the most inventive salads in Santa Fe, and is where the art crowd flocks.

Recently opened restaurants? Slurp is serving soups like Curried Cauliflower and Fennel until 3pm weekdays from an Airstream trailer on Galisteo Street near the state capitol. Nile Café just began dishing up falafels from a food truck on Rodeo Road. And the Pink Adobe is re-opened.

Closed or closing? Los Mayas, The Plaza Café Downtown, A La Mesa, Railyard Restaurant, Celebrations, El Nido (with plans to re-open), Ore House (merging with Milagro 139), and Café Paris (with plans to re-open where Mission Café was).
Santa Fe-based Wolf Schneider has been editor in chief of the Santa Fean, editor of Living West, and consulting editor of Southwest Art. She also blogs at www.wolfschneiderusa.com

Photographer: David Alfaya, Taken in Artist Studio: Gregory Lomayesva

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