Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Winds of Change

by Wolf Schneider

Cobb Salad at Luminaria
The aspens just began budding in Santa Fe, along with all the fruit trees. The wind is blowing relentlessly like it does every spring, whipping branches around. Wind can spur thought and action. There are some countries where judges are more understanding if crimes are committed during strong winds because positive ion conditions like dry winds can exacerbate violence. In Greek mythology, Zephyrus was the god of the west wind and of springtime, who mated with the goddess of greenery. Wind feels like an instigator of change.

Change is certainly afoot here in Santa Fe. In the art world, The Edge has closed and Altermann Galleries shut down its longtime Canyon Road location, concentrating its presence up on Camino del Monte Sol for its art auctions. Affable gallery director Kent Whipple is gone from Meyer East Gallery. The vigorous new Canyon Road Merchants Association has swelled to 86 members, and is mobilizing to mount a billboard on I-25 North.

In city news, CVB director Keith Toler resigned. And on the restaurant scene, Ristra is reportedly opening up a second restaurant in the old A La Mesa location, and there’s talk that super-talented Taos chef Joseph Wrede (late of the famed Joseph’s Table) may be coming to Santa Fe. I just had an excellent Cobb Salad for lunch at Inn at Loretto’s Luminaria, which will be opening its patio with a new spring menu shortly—when the winds let up.
Wolf Schneider has been editor in chief of the Santa Fean, editor of Living West, consulting editor of Southwest Art, and also blogs at www.wolfschneiderusa.com.

Photographer: David Alfaya, Taken in Artist Studio: Gregory Lomayesva

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