Thursday, June 16, 2011

Santa Fe Season Starts

Summer starts June 21st according to the calendar but the gallery summer season is in full swing.  Gallery openings occur every weekend with Canyon Road leading the pack.  Every Friday at 5pm when most galleries close down the fun is just beginning. For those who are not familiar with this yearly ritual, let me explain how it unfolds.  Canyon Road gallery art openings start at 5pm and end at 7pm, occasionally spilling over to nearly 9pm. 

If you’re a visitor you can start at either end and work your way up or down the road.  If you start at the bottom, park in the lot at 225 Canyon (visit for maps) where you will find lots of good artwork from galleries like Manitou, Meyers and McClarry Fine Art.  If you start at the top and want to work your way down there is a public parking lot, which has plenty of room (you do have to pay).  There is also some limited parking on Canyon Road (my last choice) and its side streets Delgado or Camino Escondido. Most Friday nights you will find at least 40 openings and many of the galleries will have food and drinks and of course lots of great art.  A list of all the gallery openings can be found in the New Mexican’s Pasatiempo on Friday if you’re looking for a specific gallery or artist.

Francis Livingston, Kachina Harmony, Oil on Panel, 36" x 36"

You can expect to see hundreds of locals, artists and visitors alike walking up and down Canyon Road and live music as well. This routine continues all summer and in many galleries through the fall.

In July the Opera season opens which adds another dimension to the fun.  Medicine Man Gallery will be having 3 openings in July: Francis Livingston July 8th, Veryl Goodnight July 23rd, and Dennis Ziemienski July 29th.

Veryl Goodnight, Ready to Ride, Bronze Edition of 30, 24" x 9" x 9"

We start with Francis Livingston who will be bring a group of new paintings with his well known traditional Native American imagery and also this year his abstract and modern works including collages incorporating antique Navajo weaving remnants.  Veryl Goodnight, a well known sculptor who’s book “No Turning Back” just came out, will be having a show, exhibit and book signing. Finishing out the month will be acclaimed California artist Dennis Ziemeinski who will be doing a show dedicated to Route 66.  A well sought after illustrator, his imagery has been used for numerous magazine covers and I have included this one to tease you.

As August approaches I will give you another blog of the happenings around the City Different, till then…

Dennis Ziemienski, Fill'er Up?, Oil on Canvas 48" x 24"

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